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Nordest Traduzioni

offers its services as a reliable, skilled, flexible partner in the sector of translations, interpreting and as consultants for a wide range of language needs. Nordest Traduzioniis made up of translators and cultural/linguistic mediators who love what they do, and whose contribution is indispensable from the standpoint of globalization.


  • We offer languages services in over 100 language pairs
  • We rely exclusively on professionals who are native speakers
  • We guarantee an excellent quality/price ratio
  • Analysis of costs, tenders and consultation free of charge
  • Reliability and skill since 2001!


  • “I required their services for a very delicate matter in a rare language that had to be sworn to in court. I found them thoroughly prepared, courteous, punctual and priced fairly.”


  • “I found them serious, punctual and precise. I was very satisfied with their work”


  • "I contacted Nordest Traduzioni for the translation of technical documents in the field of engineering in German and English and I was always very satisfied with their excellent product, courtesy, friendliness and exceptional timing"


  • “Punctual, reliable, courteous”


  • Technical translations

    Translation legal

  • Sworn translations

    Apostilled translations

  • Translation medical

    Translation scientific

  • Translation of manuals

    Translation of software

  • Business translations

    Financial translations

  • Banking translations

    Translation of websites

  • Promotional

    translation of texts

  • Translation of personal

    data certificates

  • Translation of diplomas

    and curricula

  • Translation of

    advertising copy

  • Translation of annual

    financial statements

  • Translation of leaflets

    and catalogues

Revision - editing - localization

Polyglot notary assistance

Language courses for companies

Sworn translations by the court and Apostille

Creation of corporate taglines - transcreation

Much more…


The speaker’s words are translated in an acoustically isolated booth by an interpreter equipped with headphones in real time accurately and effectively.


The interpreter is generally seated next to the speaker and listens to the presentation, taking notes and translating complete passages (from 2-3 min. up to a maximum of 10-15 min).


The interpreter “whispers” the simultaneous translation to the listener. A maximum of two listeners is admissible for this type of interpreting.

Tour guide

This type of interpreting uses a portable system. The interpreter has a radiomicrophone tuned to the same frequency as the receivers given to the participants.


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