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Our additional services:

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Servizi linguistici informatizzati

– Post editing

– Voice-overs

– Transcription of audio/video recordings

– Declarations of conformity to the original

– Sworn translations by the court

– Filing of sworn translations at the General Attorney’s office for application of the Apostille

– Polyglot notary assistance

– Software localization

– Language courses for companies

– Stand personnel for fairs

– Conference hostesses

– IRemote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

– Transcreation

– Sign Language Interpreters (SLI)

– Preparation of promotional texts. We rearrange texts written for an Italian audience, adapting them to international markets.

– Business assistance. We offer professional language assistance for telephone calls or in the drafting of faxes, business letters, e-mails addressed to foreign markets to facilitate any type of business negotiations abroad.

– Creation of corporate pay-offs or taglines. The pay-off or tagline is used in advertising to indicate the verbal message that summarizes the position of the company or project to which it refers. By “position” we mean the space occupied by the product or company in the mind of the target, in other words the personality of the product or company (e.g.: Adidas, Impossible is nothing; McDonald’s, I’m lovin’it). The pay-off, which is intended for foreign markets, requires careful re-elaboration by a native-speaker professional perfectly familiar with the usage, customs and culture of the destination countries.



If you’ve decided to offer your products and services on new foreign markets, it is certainly advisable to seek reliable partners, expert in localization.

The localization of translations requires skill in interpreting and in-depth knowledge of the destination country. It is specifically concerned with the entire sector of communications, both web and documentary, necessary for the promotion and use of your product on a certain market. It is essential to respect the content, adapting it to the linguistic and cultural system of the destination country. The style of the message must be adequate for the expectations and demands of the target market. Briefly, localization ensures that your message will be properly received, though originally written in another language.
In addition to the localization of software and texts, we can provide expert web marketing services, internationalization and SEO to improve the performance of your website. We will analyze and identify the key words, headlines and descriptions to enter in the code of your website so as to ensure greater visibility on the internet, thanks to a high position in the main search engines (Google).
If necessary, we act directly on the programming language (.htm(l), .php, .asp, .xml and java) and can manage the most common text formats (.txt, .xlsx, .docx, .rtf).

Conference call

Do you need to discuss business with your foreign partners on the other side of the world without traveling and keeping your costs to a minimum? Nordest Traduzioni provides a functional, economical, technological, extremely flexible Conference Call service. You can conveniently access a virtual meeting room from your own workstation, and hold a meeting with your foreign counterpart in the presence of our interpreter.


Easy and economical:

Conference number accessible from landlines, mobile phones and from abroad
No hidden costs
Saves traveling
No need of special phones or software



Recordings of your conference calls are archived and made accessible on request
Custom planning and management of your conference calls
No need to go anyplace to organize the meetings
Your business is no longer hampered by strikes
No need to spend hours stuck in traffic to participate in meetings with your clients or suppliers


Environmentally friendly:

Less movement, less pollution
Saving of energy
No material to recycle



Communications are encrypted to enable you to speak in total security
You can block access to the conference by uninvited participants when everybody is connected to the platform


Reliability and quality:

A number accessible 24/7
Excellent quality for all your telephone conferences

Conference call assistita