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Nordest Traduzioni

offers its services as a
reliable, competent, flexible partner for translation, interpreting and the broadest range
of linguistic consultation.

Nordest Traduzioni takes great pride in its ability to offer services at the highest level of the business in this modern era of globalization.

Linguistic mediation supports and facilitates the penetration of new markets and exchanges with other countries and cultures.
Nordest Traduzioni, with its team of expert linguists and the most recent technologies, can satisfy the needs of a vast clientele needing or wanting to interface with other languages, views, and perspectives.
We can provide translations in over 100 language combinations, in a wide range of sectors, ensuring high quality standards while remaining absolutely competitive in terms of price.
The professionals who work for us are certified and can guarantee high standards of professional qualification for services of interpreting in a vast range of sectors, even extremely delicate and complex ones.

About Stefania Scabari

In 2000 she graduated with top grades from the Higher Institute of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators (SSLMIT) in Forlì.
In 2001 she contributed to founding the agency Studio Associato Téchnē Traduzioni Language&Event Services in which she was a partner until 2012.
Since 1996, she has been acquiring experience in Italy and abroad, in various sectors (marketing, teaching, translation, editing, correction of drafts, interpreting for business meetings, literary reviews, and consultation).
Since 2003 she has been a member of AITI (Associazione Italiana Traduttori ed Interpreti).
In 2003 she was appointed Expert Advisor to the Court (civil law) and Certified Expert (criminal law) at the Court of Verona.
In 2012 she founded Nordest Traduzioni with the intention of using the knowledge acquired and developed in the previous decade with a new approach, capable of responding to the more advanced demands of today’s market.


Associazione Italiana Interpreti e Tradurrori

Nordest Traduzioni

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No product or service is delivered to the client without having passed all the checks foreseen by our strict Quality Control System. At Nordest Traduzioni every translation is:


to determine accurately the linguistic characteristics (source language and target language or languages required), its lexical features (type of text and sector of interest), formatting (format of the source and required format of the target), the quantity of source text and any instructions or particular requests. This enables us to decide exactly which collaborators will be on the work team that performs the translation.


by a qualified Project Manager, who coordinates a work group consisting of at least one translator who is a native speaker of the target language and completely bilingual for the source language, a reviser specialized in the sector/topic handled and an expert technical consultant specialized in the format for any necessary DTP activities.


in the timing foreseen with efficient use of the human and technological resources, ensuring respect of the project specifications and a high quality standard, with periodical checks made on the workflow and final control by the Project Manager